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I am curious and I am sure this has been addressed before. What is the difference between a cologne and after shave splash.

What after shave would you consider to be a must try?

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 03-26-2012, 10:14 AM
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Generally the main difference is the concentration of the scent. Aftershave is the weakest followed by EDC and then EDT. Aftershaves also generally have less alcohol content and may have other ingredients such as glycerin and/or allantoin.

Alt Innsbruck is classified as a cologne by the manufacturer but really the scent is not that strong and there are many aftershaves that have a stronger scent. In addition, the Alt Innsbruck does seem to have some skin conditioning properties which is why I classified is an aftershave. I definitely think it is a must try.

Other aftershaves on the must try list include Mr. Taylor (a classic), La Toja Classic, Floid (Blue, Amber and the Spanish varieties), Speick, Proraso, and probably a lot that I cannot think of at the moment. Cool

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 03-26-2012, 10:33 AM
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The generally accepted strengths of perfume oil for the various preparations are the following:

Aftershave 1-3%
Body Splash/Spray 1-4%
Eau de Cologne 2-5%
Eau de Toilette 4-8% (or10%)
Eau de Parfum 8-15%
Perfume 15-30%

EdT is actually stronger than EdC.

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A few more usefull definitions are:
Sillage, or the projection of scent from the body. If you are in an elevator and your co-riders all pass out and pidgeons are seen falling from the sky you have a STRONG sillage.
Drydown is the slow development of a scent as it reacts to your body chemistry and the individual 'notes' of scent fade to reveal others.
Alt Innsbruk has a nice 'close' sillage with an opening menthol note and a long drydown of Virgina tobacco.
How you apply scent will effect it's presentation. Most people prefer a pour vs spray. You pour a small amount in your hand(s) and GENTLY pat it on; all over a freshly shaved beard line, or on 'heat points' with a cologne ie wrists, earlobes,upper chest. To vigorous slapping can actually 'bruise' the scent and break up some smells to early.

IF you are 15 with a new bottle of LILAC VEGETAL you pour some on. The scent fades and you angrilly apply MORE, and then more again. You finally walk out happy smelling and being smelled. The cute redhead you tried inviting to the dance giggles and gives odd looks and a lame excuseFacepalm
You NEVER use Lilac Vegetal again, nor Old Spice because every male family memberf uses Old Spice.
With luck yoou discover scents that become your trademark.

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