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Gentlemen, the Weber bulldog is one of my favorite handles and I almost cried when it fell to the floor after taking my SOTD picture tonight. Upon inspection, there is a very small ding to the top/edge of the collar. It is very minor and anyone with a dremel and some skill, could probably make it near perfect again. I am too much of a perfectionist to get into all that and am going to order a new one. The handle is only a few weeks old and the marred collar is extremely minor, however it will scratch the base of a razor if tightened down as is because of the slight sharp edge from the ding. I am only selling this because I am weird and freaky about things being perfect and lack the tools and skills to make this handle right again. The rest of the handle is like new.

I am asking $23.00 shipped CONUS

I tried to get the ding as clear as possible in the pictures but couldn't seem to get the lighting just right.

The first picture shows the ding on the right side of the collar, the second shows it at the top (facing upward) on the collar. Sorry for the sub par pictures.

My shaving tragedy is your gain, a cheap bulldog. <--- sheds tears while typing...


Another view...

So beautiful...Sad

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PM sent

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*Sale pending*

Edit: SOLD!

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