01-01-2013, 11:41 AM
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Happy New Year Shave Nook,

This holiday season Santa went a bit overboard with his credit card and has bills to pay, so he needs to sell a few things. All prices include CONUS priority mail shipping. Payment via Paypal. Please PM if you have any questions.

P.S. With the purchase of any item you can add a puck of Haslinger Ewe's Milk Shaving Soap for $5.

1. SOLD - Simpson Classic 1 with Manchurian badger hair - Paid $205, asking $195 - I bought this brush from Kooshman7 just before Christmas and used it one time. It is an amazing little brush that lathered my Mitchell's Wool Fat like nobody's business. I know there are a couple other members that own this brush, and I believe they have shared similar good experiences.
[Image: YearOfTheBadger001_zpsb9b12db8.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger002_zpsba5f67dd.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger003_zps767aedc5.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger004_zpsb2e64ba6.jpg]

2. PENDING -Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Brush - Paid $205, asking $200 - I do not think this brush needs much of an introduction as much has been written about it. I received the brush last Saturday and it has NOT been used at all. You can still order it direct from Simpson, or you can buy this brush and know exactly what you are getting and not have to wait for it to be made or shipped. I think the pictures do a better job of showing you what you get than anything I could say.
[Image: YearOfTheBadger005_zpsb30f153d.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger006_zpsf69a1264.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger007_zpsffa7d2c4.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger008_zps95aa1ae7.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger009_zps61719916.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger010_zps8d3c6881.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger011_zps06553ba9.jpg]

3. SOLD - Rooney Heritage Stubby 1XL in 2-band Super Badger - $160 new (when available), asking $135 - Again, not a whole lot to say about this brush. It is from the more recent batch of brushes and, while not Manchurian badger, the hair in the brush is quite exceptional.
[Image: YearOfTheBadger012_zps563d5806.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger013_zpseded39bb.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger014_zpsdf016bcd.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger015_zps9db33c9c.jpg]

4. SOLD - Jabonman Soap Lot - Asking $42 - Though I use and love Mitchell's Wool Fat on almost a daily basis, I could not help from wanting to try these highly regarded soaps.

Wet Earth
Haitian Vetiver

The Wet Earth and Haitian Vetiver have each been used twice, and Lime/Cinnamon is brand new.
[Image: YearOfTheBadger016_zps921d937d.jpg]
[Image: YearOfTheBadger017_zps3f66c5c7.jpg]

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 01-01-2013, 11:47 AM
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If I had the $200 the QEII would be mine. None of this should last long as they are all GREAT items. GLWTS

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 01-01-2013, 01:38 PM
  • texquill
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PM sent to purchase CL1 Manchurian.

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 01-01-2013, 06:54 PM
  • ben74
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The CL1 is an amazing brush!

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 01-02-2013, 10:41 AM
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Everything is sold. Thank you Shave Nook! Biggrin

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