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Hi, I'm sort of new to this forum but full of enthusiasm. After reading about different hair treatments I figured I would try out a few and give you my thoughts on them. I am 40, have thick, very wavy/ curly hair which is frizzy. These are just my opinions but maybe someone will find this review useful. The scale I use is a 1 through 10 scale, 10 being the best. All treatments were applied with damp hair after a shower. I was seeking shine, hold (without crunchiness), manageability, hair softening/scalp conditioning. 

I will continue up on this review and post pictures with each of the 8 different products I will be testing.

So, let me start my non-extensive hair treatment/Tonic/Pomade review!


Bought at Wal-Mart. Large Tube

Price - Around $6
Shine - 10 Has a very high shine! 
Hold - 4.5 Medium hold. Will hold my hair most of the day but will have to re-comb in a windstorm. Not normally a problem.
Scent - 5 A classic scent. SWMBO says "soapy" but I say clean. Unique.
Durability - 24 hours plus. I never had to re-apply.
Base - Mineral Oil. Washes out easily for me with one wash. Others say it takes longer, but I've never had that problem.

Opinion of the product: This is the standard to which I measured all others. Been using this product over 20 years. Affordable, high shine, easily available everywhere, good scent.
Recommend? YES! A national standard IMO

[Image: 258a2z5.jpg]


Actually, for this review I used the Dollar General knock off brand labeled "Hair Tonic". Same size and shape bottle and same color tonic.

Price - Less than $2 at Dollar General
Shine - 1 - Almost no shine. A very light sheen almost imperceptable.
Hold - 4.5 - A light hold, but less than Brylcreem or Groom and Clean. 
Scent - 7 - This has a barber shop scent that is almost "Lemony" scent that I found pleasant and masculine.
Durability - About 6 hours for the scent and hold. This tonic is not heavy and I wouldn't think a re-application would be a bad thing.
Base - Alcohol. Washes out easily for me with 1 wash.

Opinion of the product: I don't believe this stuff was made for hold or shine. What it DID do, however, was make my hair feel silky smooth, soft and made my hair smell great. It is now in my rotation!
Recommend? Yes, I would definitely recommend it. A great product for a great price.

[Image: nlacra.jpg][Image: 167k26p.jpg][Image: 30nf32a.jpg]

Dax Wave and Groom

Bought at Wal-Mart

Price - $3
Shine - 5 Medium to low shine depending on amount
Hold - 10 This stuff is hard and stiff.
Scent - 1 Smells like cocoa butter. Pleasant
Durability - Indefinite. Holds well past 24 hours even when washed.
Base - Petrolatum. Thick. However, when applied it's not greasy. Actually behaves better after washing.

Opinion of the product: This stuff, originally marketed to black men to get waves in their hair works very well for my hair too. It's got a LOT of hold. It's hard to run my comb through after application. It provides me a mini-pomp just as well as a business part ala Mad Men. I like it.
Recommend? Yes. While I won't wear it every day it is good stuff and classic "grease". Great hold, pleasant scent and lasts. I recommend using a hair dryer to soften it up before application and also put the hair dryer to your hair after its in so you can spread it around easier.

[Image: 1z1wpok.jpg][Image: 2s1nqmb.jpg][Image: 11k8oef.jpg]

S-Curl 360

Bought at Fred's

Price - $4
Shine - 8 Has a light sheen, Same as Brylcreem.
Hold - 7 Has a better hold than Brylcreem, Vitalis and G&C Surprisingly.
Scent - 9 Smells like Brylcreem!
Durability - 8 hours at least. No reapplication needed
Base - Petrolatum. Washed out easily first time although it does contain Petrolatum, which is unusual.

Opinion of the product: This was an odd bird. It is a real petroleum based pomade that washes out easily while Brylcreem is mineral oil based.
Recommend? Yes, if you like Brylcreem but want stronger hold this is it. It looks like and smells like a thicker Brylcreem. I really like this product!

[Image: dnm0xk.jpg][Image: iyihsi.jpg][Image: 20f92mc.jpg]

Wildroot Cream Oil.

This stuff is fantastic too! It seems to take the best virtues of Brylcreem, Vitalis, and Groom and Clean and blends them.
It looks like a thin suntan lotion and I started to get worried when I initially put in in my freshly washed hair because it went on white! I rubbed it thoroughly in and the color disappeared. 

After it dried I found it has an excellent hold and SUPERB shine without looking or feeling greasy. It also makes my hair feel very soft. I can run my fingers through it and not pick up any oil on my hands like I can with Brylcreem even though it is just as shiny. 

The scent is light and pleasant. So, I get the shine of Brylcreem, the hold of Groom and Clean, and the silkiness of Vitalis.

I highly recommend this product. It now has a regular spot in my rotation and threatens to supplant a couple of my regular products but I won't do that until I see the long term affects of using it.

Here are pictures of my dry hair after applying Wildroot:

[Image: 34t22ck.jpg]

Murray's Black Beeswax

Bought at Fred's

Price - $4
Shine - 0 Has zero shine, but that's ok, it wasn't meant for shine.
Hold - 10 Will hold indefinitely. You HAVE to soften this stuff for application or pull your hair out with the comb.
Scent - 1 Smells exactly like crayons. It's almost overpowering.
Durability - Forever!
Base - Petrolatum/Beeswax. This stuff is hard to get out. Requires vegetable oil soak and several washings, but it can be done.
Opinion of the product: I got this at the request of my girlfriend. She wanted to see what my hair would look like without the gray. It will definitely cover the gray! The Petroleum/Wax combo left my hair stiff. Even with "helmet hair" it still looked good.
Recommend? Yes, if it fits your needs. If you want super hold and no gray then get this. This is the hardest stuff I've used. It would definitely work for a high Pompadour.

[Image: 2crplyh.jpg][Image: 2hrlag4.jpg][Image: 96w4eq.jpg]

Sportin' Waves

Bought at Wal-Mart

Price $1.88
Shine - 9 Offers a decent shine.
Hold - 8 Offers a really good hold that also let's me re-comb if I like without a problem.
Scent - 5 A classic "medicine-y" scent. Pleasant, but not outstanding compared with others reviewed here.
Duration - Forever, I think if you never washed it out.
Base - Petrolatum. Another weird bird where while even though it's Petrolatum based it easily washes out with a single wash.

Opinion of the Product: Another product mostly marketed to black men trying to get waves, but works great for me as well. This product is very similar to S-Curl, which is good. It is a proper pomade that offers good hold, shine, but also leaves my hair soft and manageable. This and S-Curl are interchangeable in my book.
Recommend? Yes, one of my go-to pomades, especially because it washes out easily, even though it isn't water based.

[Image: 1zh04qu.jpg][Image: fnyc7s.jpg][Image: 256aaz7.jpg]

Cool Grease Pomade

Price: $34.95! Holy Cow!
Shine - 9 High Shine.
Hold - 9 Held very well!
Scent - 10 Another winning scent that both me and SWMBO approved. Smells like Apples.
Durability - 12 hrs. easily
Base - Water. Washed out easily on first try.

Opinion of the product: This pomade has it all. It's a Japanese pomade that is rare here in the US and is VERY pricey! You can find it on Amazon and a couple of other sites if you just Google it. It looks like a gel in the can but acts like a proper pomade when applied.
Recommend? No. The reason I say no is not because of performance but rather because of price. This pomade is orders of magnitude more expensive than any other product I've reviewed here. Hey, if you can afford it, go for it! It's great. I can't. Thankfully, I was generously PIF'd a sample by a member of B&B to do this review.

[Image: 14j80ee.jpg][Image: 2mw8ivd.jpg][Image: 28kn42v.jpg]

Stay tuned...More to come!

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 01-02-2013, 11:38 AM
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Great post, I've been looking into trying new pomades. I've been using the Axe "Messy Look" paste, but I recently purchased Suave paste and Retro Vinyl Pomade. So far I think the Axe still works best for me, even though I don't like any of their other products.

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 01-02-2013, 12:02 PM
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I use that same Axe paste and like it. The only criticism I have is the smell.

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 01-02-2013, 12:11 PM
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Thank you for the compliment.

Just so you know, I'm not done with the thread yet. I still have other pomades to review, which I'll be posting here.

Up for review are:

Axe - smooth and sophisticated pomade
Axe - clean cut pomade
American Crew pomade
Groom and Clean
Murray's pomade

*Edit* Update:

American Crew Pomade

Bought at Wal-Mart.

Price - Around $16.88 sort of pricey
Shine - 10 Has a very high shine! 
Hold - 8 Medium high hold. Will hold my hair most of the day.
Scent - 5 A classic scent. SWMBO says "soapy" but I say clean. Unique.
Durability - 12 hours plus. I never had to re-apply.
Base - Water based. Washes out easily.

Opinion of the product: This product does it all. Hold, shine, scent, and durability. A big plus that it washes out easily.
Recommend? YES! If you can afford it.

[Image: 34qmzwy.jpg][Image: 34xmekg.jpg][Image: 5u00wp.jpg]

Axe Clean Cut pomade

Bought at Wal-Mart.

Price - Around $8.00 reasonable
Shine - 4 Not meant to shine a lot. Pics were taken before complete drydown. It dulled quite a bit (I was sleepy)
Hold - 8 Medium high hold. Will hold my hair most of the day.
Scent - 5 A very floral scent which is strong. Might conflict with other scents you are wearing.
Durability - 12 hours plus. I never had to re-apply.
Base - Water based. Washes out easily.

Opinion of the product: This product is very good for the money. To be honest, and I can't believe I'm saying this, it's an Axe product I would wear every day. This pomade is pure goodness minus the adolescent BS pitching.
Recommend? Definitely. It's a quality water based pomade on a budget that's available everywhere.

[Image: 15e77mv.jpg][Image: 2zxmuiu.jpg][Image: j7t2sw.jpg]

Axe Smooth and Sophisticated pomade

No review necessary because performance is identical. The difference being is that the Smooth and Sophisticated version of this pomade brings a LOT more shine to the table. Everything else is the same. These pics take 8 hours after application

[Image: 2zzrcqp.jpg][Image: 2j2vsq0.jpg][Image: al18uc.jpg]

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 11-10-2013, 10:05 AM
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I just found this site because of this review.
Thanks for posting these product reviews. We have similar hair,
And I it helps me narrow things down : )
I did come across this pomade recently called suavecito.
It is my favorite so far. Great scent also. I'd recommend the extra hold for you.
I was going to try tres Flores pomade next. But I doubt I'll leave suavecito.

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 11-10-2013, 01:24 PM
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What an incredible review of hair products. I prefer the Brylcreem because it does everything you want in a men's hair dressing and its easy to buy right off the self. A big thank you.

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 11-20-2013, 11:22 AM
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Glad I could help, guys.

I also have Tres Flores. To me it's mediocre. It smells really good, sure but all it's just petroleum jelly with scent added. Literally...the ingredients lists says: Petroleum jelly, fragrance. It's hard to wash out. If you want to know what it's like without buying it first just put some Vasoline in your hair.

I also have the Tres Flores hair tonic that comes in liquid form. It's ingredients are: mineral oil, fragrance. That's it. It smells quite nice but I actually use it to coat my razor blades to keep them from rusting and use it to lube other things like nose hair trimmer and whatnot.

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 11-20-2013, 01:50 PM
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In the last two years I use daily my Dikson Oil Gel.
Works great with hair dryer.
Medium strenght, very shining, big 500ml with dispencer, cheap and easy to find in hairdresser supply shop.

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 01-20-2014, 07:01 AM
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Good stuff. I'm trying to go back to a pomade type treatment. I believe our hair is similar, thick and with the potential to be really wavy. Except, mine is strawberry blonde and gets DARK red when wet, which I'm not a big fan of. I tend to gravitate towards the less shiny ones. The Axe looks promising. I find them hard to reach for because of their marketing, I'm 45... old spice just came out w some and I'm currently using their low shine. Its not bad, has a great smell and is inexpensive.

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 02-28-2014, 08:17 PM
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I used both the Axe products you reviewed but have been using Uppercut lately. I like the Uppercut much better. Give it a shot and see what you think

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 07-16-2015, 09:51 PM
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Nice to revisit every now and then when I want to remember what products I liked.

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 07-19-2015, 12:25 PM
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I buy American crew exclusively. It's easily the best product I've ever used in my hair. I really like Suavecito as it is very similar, but the crew is great because it doesn't weigh anything down and if I need to restyled, I just wet my hands and go at it. Holds all day and even keeps my hair style into the next morning. Great stuff

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 11-19-2015, 11:00 AM
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I love using pomades. Any tips on a good shampoo to get it out? Tried all kinds.

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 12-11-2015, 01:35 PM
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(11-19-2015, 11:00 AM)hgtorraca Wrote: I love using pomades. Any tips on a good shampoo to get it out? Tried all kinds.

If you are talking about petroleum based pomades then the best thing I found to get them out is Dawn dish washing liquid.  I follow that up with regular shampoo and conditioner otherwise it dries you hair way out.

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 12-11-2015, 01:46 PM
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(12-11-2015, 01:35 PM)LVshvnNow Wrote:
(11-19-2015, 11:00 AM)hgtorraca Wrote: I love using pomades. Any tips on a good shampoo to get it out? Tried all kinds.

If you are talking about petroleum based pomades then the best thing I found to get them out is Dawn dish washing liquid.  I follow that up with regular shampoo and conditioner otherwise it dries you hair way out.



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 12-11-2015, 01:57 PM
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That is also the reason I stopped using petroleum based.

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