03-26-2012, 08:21 PM
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All prices are shipped CONUS. If you are outside the US and want to buy the brush+cream kits, PM me for a quote.

First, two sets for newbies.

Set #1 is a Tweezerman brush with a 99% tube of The Real Shaving Company Moisturizing. This was my go-to brush for my first six months of wetshaving, it's been cleaned and sanitized. TRSC cream is made by Creighton's, who also make TOBS, GFT, and T&H creams, so it's quality stuff. I'd like $10.

Set #2 is a Shea Moisture brush (the one found at Target) with a 99% tube of The Real Shaving Company Sensitive. This brush hasn't seen as much use. I've added two rubber washers to the base of the knot to decrease the loft, of course they are easy to remove. This is also $10.

Finally, I have a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Sandalwood Cologne. I've used this a first times, so figure 95% full. There's a strong cedar-lavender note on opening. Note that this is a discontinued item. I'd like $20 for this. WITHDRAWN

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