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[Image: P1260272.JPG?m=1357843734]

For many of us the Semogue 1305 is one of the best (for some , its the best) boar brush on the market and that reputation have been won , due to its excellent quality boar hair (90% premium tops) and the handle , which is one of the most elegant and comfortable handles I have tried so far.For me , after the Rooney 1/2 handle , is the most ergonomic one , and the colors of the 1305 , green and cream , makes it a very classy handle.

[Image: P1260273.JPG?m=1357843735]

Today I got a brush for the latest batch (2013) , and yes , I can notice differences on its shaped with the other 1305 shaving brushes that I own.

[Image: P1260274.JPG?m=1357843735]

As many of you know , Semogue doesnt make the handle for its brushes , and the wooden handles have been made , for two different artisan , for what I remember (Im sure Bruno could correct me on that one) , hence , the differences on the handle shapes.

Here is a pic with the current version and an February 2010 brush (on the right) :

[Image: P1260275.JPG?m=1357843735]

Notices how the 2010 version is more rounded on the top and the hair has a wider darker line.

Now , let me show you a 2009 version , which I put it on a dishwasher to see how the paint will "suffer".As you know , a couple batches of Semogue brushes had a defective varnish (long story) and I wanted to see how much heat will that defective varnish tolerate.The one with the defective varnish is on the right again , the 2010 version on the middle , and the 2013 version , on the left :

[Image: P1260276.JPG?m=1357843734]

The 2009 version has a shorter handle , its not as round as the 2010 one , and the hair have suffered a lot of "abuse" from my part , so its looks like very pale and burn.

And let me show you an earlier version of the 1305 handle.This handle , for what I understand too (and again , Bruno could correct me on that one) , is from 2005/2006 and its not even closer in shaped to the more modern versions.Its actually an squared shape handle , but with the same colors than the 1305 handles , green on the top , cream on bottom :

[Image: P1260277.JPG?m=1357843736]

The 2005/2006 handle is not as ergonomic as the current versions , but is not also awkward to hold.The boar hair is the same quality used in the current versions , so we know how good it is.

[Image: P1260278.JPG?m=1357843737]

Im sure that in the future the 1305 would suffer , again , some slightly changes , and Im looking forward to see which they are.This would be an excuse to add more 1305 brushes to my collection.Biggrin

And it doesnt matter what version you have (well , if you have one with the deffective varnish , I will recommend you to put some water proof varnish on the handle , to presever its integrity , and dont experiment like I did...) , the 1305 is a great value as a shaving brush .Now I need to compare this last batch of 90% premium tops boar hair with the previous ones and report back.

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Interesting observations Teiste, I like the rounded curvature leaving the knot on the 2010 version best, and also like that the 2012 SE maintained these curves.

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 01-10-2013, 02:21 PM
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Thanks for the info, Teiste!

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 01-10-2013, 03:11 PM
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Thank you Teiste for an informative and interesting posting about one of the most iconic boar shaving brushes ever made.

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 01-10-2013, 03:27 PM
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Nice round up of the 1305 Teiste Smile

I'm not a boar user per se (yet), but just got my Semogue LE 2012 'in da haus' and it looks mighty impressive for a sub €60 brush, in fact it looks and feels mighty impressive for a brush no matter the price of the brush - excellent high quality from Semogue yet again Cool

The 1305, I understand is a moderate to cheaply priced quality brush, that some arguably mentions as the best boar brush ever made.

I like and enjoy reading your observations about the 1305 brush and its history. For a brush fan like me, who are relatively new to the game - only one and a half year in - I enjoy reading detailed observations and comparisons between older and new releases of the same model brush.

Keep them coming, when ever you have the time to do so, T Biggrin

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 01-10-2013, 08:41 PM
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Excellent review Teiste. One of my all time favorite boars. Wish I could locate one of those 2006 versions.

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