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Thanks for looking...

iKon Bulldog Handle (first two photos). This is the original, shorter iKon Bulldog handle, 78mm, no longer available as far as I’m aware. Used a half dozen times. I’ll sell for what I paid, less the tax.

Weber Bulldog Handle (third photo), never used.
$35 shipped CONUS SOLD

Simpson Special S1 in Best. 19mm/43mm. After trying about a dozen Simpsons, I own three: The Wee Scot, Case and this one, which I bought a couple of weeks ago. I love the small end of their lineup; these brushes are all surprisingly dense for the price. The Special is almost identical to the Case – the knot is the same size and the handle is about the same diameter but a bit longer. They are both fantastic latherers. I'd say the Special is a tiny bit scrubbier and the Case is a tiny bit softer. It's also the only Simpson other than a Manchurian I owned that hasn't lost a hair.
$35 shipped CONUS. SOLD I’ve also been looking to sell a Calani Oriental Plum shaving soap and 2 Valobra shave sticks (grated into a tub) as per this post. Add the Calani for $8 ($43 total) or the Valobra for $11 ($46 total). Add both for $15 ($50 total).

Paypal sent as a gift is preferred. Thanks again.

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