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I have a few questions for you alchemists who have dabbled in adding Menthol to various software..

I purchased a jar of menthol crystals and peppermint essential oil. I want to play around with adding it to creams, lathers, balms, AS and witch hazel.

The jar contains crystals that range in size from dust like particles to about 3/4" long and about as thick as a number 2 pencil lead. I have a 5oz bottle of Barbasol Pacific Rush AS with about 4 oz remaining. To it I added about four or five long crystals. The bottle was closed and put in a basin of hot water after which the crystals dissolved fine. Pacific Rush has very little menthol, but with the addition of the crystals it is now notched up just a bit. A few more crystals are needed, but I am taking it slow as I know I can add more, but not take it away if I overdue it..

So far so good..

The challenge I face is how to add the menthol to lather. I've read that dissolving the crystals in liquid glycerine and then a few drops can be added as lather is built. I have about 2 oz of liquid glycerine in a glass jar with an eye dropper top.. To this I added, so far, about seven crystals. I am less concerned about over doing this because I can add fewer drops or ditch the batch and start over. After warming the glycerine and shaking the bottle the crystals seem to have dissolved, but once it sits a little the crystals appear to be reforming at the top of the bottle, around the neck.

Am I approaching this correctly? Anything I can do to keep the menthol dissolved in the glycerine?

Am I using too little crystals?

Is there any way I can add the menthol to balms? I noticed that after rinsing, I have a nice cooling effect. The AS splash prolongs it. But once I add a balm, so far without menthol, it almost immediately squelches the menthol freeze.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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 01-12-2013, 07:56 PM
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Add some alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will do, so will vodka.

When I make mine, alcohol is the base and any glycerine is added later. In a menthol additive that you'll be using by drops you can use too much, but it'll be seen as too much by a pool of liquid menthol seen floating above the alcohol. I stop when I see that. You can shake it up to put that pool into temporary suspension when you use it, or just use the liquid below the pool. When it gets down a bit add more alcohol to put the pool back into solution.

To use my menthol drops I start to build my lather on my face then after some is built I add the drops to the lather on my brush and continue lathering. The alcohol will have the effect of eating lather, but ignore that and continue lathering to dilute the alcohol in the lather. One benefit of a saturated solution of menthol is that less alcohol is used to eat the lather.

If the Pacific Rush contains alcohol you don't need to heat it. The alcohol will dissolve it for you. I'd go easy on adding it to AS for the reasons you stated. A level teaspoon of menthol would be about maximum for 5 ounces of liquid. No need to shake it. If you have time the alcohol will do it's thing over time. Of course you can shake it if you're in a hurry.

Edit: corrected supersaturated to saturated.

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Wow that's an awesome writeup! I wish I had known I could use Vodka!!! I went crazy looking for "Pharma Grade Iso Alcohol" and paid through the nose for it too!

Man...if I'd only known a little Putinka would have done the trick...<sigh>

I have a nice sized garden and a little Vodka mist does wonders at keeping away Spider mites...

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You can use ethyl alcohol for your own use or to give away without the alphabet soup agencies breaking your door in. Sell it and... Well, then you want compliance or over the counter Iso or something acceptable.

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