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Floïd shaving oil

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Floïd shaving oil comes in a simple plastic container of 50 ml in a cardboard box with the product details. The manufacturer labels it as a shaving oil, in my case I've used it only as preshave oil, no doubt about his qualities to shave only with oil, but in the case of traditional shaving, I guess the only oil shave brings no improvement , unless we use the oil for delicate areas or define sideburns, mustache, goatee. But not my case, as I have used it as preshave and by fewer doses than recommended by the manufacturer, and not looking for a very protective film but a little extra lubrication to give the blade better slick . The bottle comes with a dropper cap that allows to dispense drops but not very accurate and the lid tends to be greasy.

When you open the little plastic boat there are two things to note, the strong scent of tea tree oil,rosemary and eucalyptus, second, these oils are in the composition for its beneficial effects on the skin, ... that there is much in this small jar, as the composition shows

Ingredients: In the Floïd shave oil we find:

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Olive Oil :: :: well known for its emollient and moisturizing capabilities
Rice Oil :: :: widely used in cosmetics as an emollient
Rosemary oil :: :: a natural anti-inflammatory effect oil, in addition to disinfectant and astringent
Copaiba Balsam :: :: which is a resin from a tree known for its healing and anti-inflammatory abilities
Sandalwood oil :: :: it's astringent, emollient, tonic, moisturizer, decongestant, is widely used for massages and it even includes "esoteric" properties as improve energy, purify the environment, ... Google it to enlighten
Oil of eucalyptus leaves :: :: well known for its antiseptic properties
Menthol :: :: that gives a cooling effect and sleeps slightly the skin
Clove oil :: :: natural antiseptic and also could be used by its irritation prevention properties
Tea Tree Oil :: :: that has endless antifungal properties, healing, antiseptic, it is even used as a remedy for respiratory irritation, and serves to repel lice (those of you with children will appreciate it), among many other applications .

The combination of all these oils seeks the shaving experience as comfortable as possible without the use of other products such as lather, cream or soap. However, we, great lovers of the generous lather soaps and creams, we can benefit from the qualities of this oil to improve shaving, either because the soap or cream are mediocre or we can shave ourselves tenderness or clueless, or because we are interested in comfort.

Perfomance I really like this preshaving oil it's eternal, just a couple or 3 drops by cheek are enough to lubricate the face. It forms a protective film that seems a bit waxy.
If as a shaving oil can last 100 shaves as preshaving oil should last a year for normal use. This oil heps well when you are not very comfortable with the quality of the lather or you shave yourself without care (the fast way of life rules your day) "the faster you live the shorter you enjoy" common sense proverb Biggrin

Application As I said, simply apply from 3 to 6 drops of product in different parts of the face depending on How much "in need" could we see our skin, spread with a gentle massage until we notice that the oil is being absorbed and noticed a sense of touch skin clean but a bit "waxy" .

Absorption With the help of massage the product is absorbed but always leaves a smooth, clean feeling and with a little lubricant film, but without being sticky or oily, completely different from a sunscreen for example .

moisturizing No doubt that it gives moisture, but for me it's not especially important or noticeable compared to the lather, however skin remains soft after shaving with lather, and I like that. It is also true that the lather is more hydrating, in my opinion.

calming or soothing properties Here is where I think that Floïd has developed a well-designed product, I like to use this oil with long beard or straight razor as it enhances the feeling of shaving at least takes away discomfort
Hemostatic Properties There are not spectacular as alum or alcohol, I guess almost null, except for the microscopic frictions.

Feeling in the face The feeling is a clean skin, when touched resembles lightly waxed, nice lubrication feel, but not greasy, and I hate to seem like a loin of tuna in oil before shave.

Feels after a few hours I do not notice that the oil keeps its effects after the shaving, if anything can be appreciated that could be that the shaving was comfortable

Aroma I smells primarily the tea tree oil, we can notice some rosemary, eucalyptus, the scent is balsamic, reminiscent of sports massage oils, in that sense are even invigorating.

Price 7 euros in the shops of Spain, really good, a very natural product at a very low price, compared to other products in this category it's very economical

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Recommended: Yes, if you have sensitivity at shaving or you want a product to help to give shape to some face areas (mustaches, sideburns, ....) or do you usually prefer to provide extra protection to the lather, very helpful too when shaving with less care than usual in wetshaving. If you are using quality soaps and creams and a refined technique you can avoid the use of preshave. I think it's a higher-quality product than its price reflects, I have another preshaving oil of a well known shaving company that does not improve the performance of this economic Floïd

Sorry for my english I'm not a native English speaker, I usually kick your lovely words without mercy and knowledge, corrections to my mistakes are welcome

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Thorough review, thank-you Jose.

I still have a bottle of the Floid Sandolor....

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Jose, excellent review, and your english is just fine.

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 01-15-2013, 08:31 AM
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Jose, this is one of the most complete reviews I've read.
Thank you for your time and effort, my friend.

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Thanks for the review, it's appreciated.

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Excellent review , du212.

I truly want to try this gem from our beloved Fatherland...

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A great review would never consider this product. I'm looking to change my preshave soap, this product is worth considering.

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 01-15-2013, 03:46 PM
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Nice review...looks like a good product.

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