01-16-2013, 08:40 PM
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[Image: fine7%281%29.jpg?m=1358397421]

[Image: fine1%282%29.jpg?m=1358397421]

Fine Badger Hair Shave Brush.

Do you gents know/have tried these brushes ? For 20.99 bucks for a 24 mm knot brush , is an excellent deal , and they look basically the same than the VB ones.I wonder if they are the same brushes , but I havent tried them.

A volunteer is needed to test them out and compare them with the VB one.Biggrin

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 01-16-2013, 08:49 PM
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They do look very much like the VB brushes. If so, they will be a great deal and a fantastic brush for the money.

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 01-16-2013, 08:59 PM
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I bought one of these but it was too floppy for my taste so I PIF'ed it to my friend Eric. It was a nice Brush and very much the same as the VB brush, although I do not know if they are made by the same manufacturer. For the money it was a great brush, but I prefer a shorter loft.

I got one in the black handle. It was the same quality as the first Franks Shaving brushes on ebay a year ago. At one time Star Shaving was the ONLY importer of Frank Shaving brushes in the USA.

The Star Shaving Brush and the VB Brush were great entry level 2-band brushes and for the price you can't lose.

One thing I should mention is that the Star Shaving brush I got had a glue bump at the base of the bristles, but it did not affect shave quality at all. I traded my VB brush to a member here at TSN for some very nice soaps.


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