01-17-2013, 08:32 AM
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I sell this:

Kent BK8 26mm shaving brush in 3-band Silvertip badger, used 5 times. Comes with the elegant red Kent coffin and a Kent brush stand in matching color.
Thiers Issard 23 mm GENUINE BLONDE HORN, hand made in France 3-band Super badger brush with extra dense hair, used 4 times, not floppy at all - extremely dense brush with a solid firm feel. Comes with a Kent brush stand in beige.
Edwin Jagger De89 Barley Chrome DE razor with matching chrome stand, BRAND NEW NEVER USED with 5 Derby DE blades, a 200 ml pot of AOS Lemon shaving cream, 90% full and a brand new Aramis Shaving balm.
All this sold together in one big package for
Price: $190/€145/£120 SHIPPED inside Europe (add $20 for shipping to the US).

[Image: 2dgjfcy.jpg]
[Image: 25a547n.jpg]
[Image: a3mp3k.jpg]
[Image: 2jf10qr.jpg]
[Image: 2d18g75.jpg]
[Image: 288ox.jpg]
[Image: 4q3gqx.jpg]
[Image: 1oumb5.jpg]


A brand new complete Mühle Butterscotch Stylo shaving set.
3-Band Silvertip 21mm badger brush with a replaceable knot, that you can unscrew in seconds. The current knot in it is a brand new never used 3-Band Silvertip knot. Soft as velvet. Comes with 15 DE blades.
Price: $130/€100/£85 SHIPPED inside Europe (add $20 for shipping to the US)

[Image: 2pt3rsy.jpg]
[Image: nnutev.jpg]


A Mühle Black Sophist set, including soap bowl in chrome, 3-band Silvertip brush 23 mm brush and a Sophist Fusion razor (I use my Fusion for hair around my nose and upper lip area and for the ear area - the backside of the Fusion cart is AWESOME for this, and much faster and efficient than any of my 8 DE razor's are)
Comes with a Gucci Pour Homme 50 ml EDT spray, brand new (a very classic calming scent) and an Aramis Moisturizing after shave balm 100 ml, brand new.
Price: $130/€100/£85 SHIPPED inside Europe (add $20 for shipping to the US)

[Image: 15fpwrb.jpg]
[Image: 2uhpuo1.jpg]
[Image: xmog9t.jpg]


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 01-18-2013, 05:08 AM
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I'm forced to eat the shipping price to the US then Blush

Need to move some of this stuff ASAP Signs011

I may be the only one here, but I think I'm offering an excellent deal on this:

The Thiers Issard brush cost €153/£128 new. I have used mine 4 times.
Link: Thiers Issard 23 mm Super badger Extra Dense

The Kent BK8 cost €94 new. I have used mine 5 times.
Link: Kent BK8 Silvertip badger brush

I'm selling all this for less than what you have to pay for a brand new Thiers Issard brush alone. Please tell me if you think I'm trying to press the price too much on this, because I really think this is very good deal on 2 EXCELLENT mint condition brushes, a brand new razor with a stand and some very nice products Blush

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