01-22-2013, 07:45 PM
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I'm teaching the VINTAGE SHAVING 101 class in February. Those men that wish to take the plunge will ask me for recommendations. I have two questions:
1. What matched set of shave gear(razor, brush stand) would you recommend
a. Premium Matched Set: $250 and up
b. Medium Matched Set: $150-$249
c. Frugal Matched Set: $149 and less

2.What unmatched set(various brand of brush, stand and razor) BUT FROM THE SAME VENDOR OR WEBSITE would you recommend:
a. Premium Assorted Set: $250 and up
b. Medium Assorted Set: $150-$249
c. Frugal Assorted Set:$149 and less

Thanks for the input.

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 01-22-2013, 08:04 PM
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Well, for noobs I would suggest they look at BullGoose and Italian Barber for prepackaged sets. I'm pretty sure they both have them. You might print out those options and explain them.

After they get their feet wet so to speak they can read some and ask questions here and get their various ADs same as we did.

I would explain to them that if they begin with a boar that it will take time to break it in before it gets soft and up to optimum efficiency. If they want instant gratification to start with badger.

Or do you plan on putting together your own packages? If so, don't forget a blade sampler. It's mandatory IMO. If you're just going to point them in the direction I would stress the blade sampler. A razor isn't much good w/o a blade that works for the face.

Did I understand the question?

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 01-22-2013, 08:07 PM
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Italian Barber has a good one for about $70
They have a few others as well.

Also check out Bullgoose

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